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If you want to get a beautiful balcony, that will give you a wonderful view of the nature, there are many ways you can do that. But it is always advisable, that you have a very beautiful design of your balcony, such that it looks good. Here is the best idea.

If you are having a room, but you do not have a lot of space for having a balcony, or even if you have a lot of space for having a balcony, the idea mentioned here will be suitable for both. In the case, you will need a very big piece of glass pane, which will be used to protect your room from natural calamities, dust, etc. You can also keep the windowpane open, which can help you to enjoy the outdoor air.

The design

In the case of the balcony design, the entrance to your balcony will be a tour, which will be inclined at an angle of 45°, and there will be a big class pane, which will be attached at the top, and you can open it from the down portion. As it will be having a slanting door, you can even sit or stand under the windowpane, without any troubles and enjoy the outdoor view.

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