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If you’re looking for the best design for your house, there are a number of designs that you can adapt. But depending upon the size of your house, and the shape of it, there can be multiple designs. Here is the best design, which can give you the maximum utilization of the space within your house.

In most of the cases, people have a square house, and if you are having that, you can easily divide your house into multiple rooms, for different purposes. In one corner of the house, you can keep the master bedroom, while on the adjacent corner, you can have a second bedroom, with two bathrooms in between, where each are attached to a single bedroom.

Living area and the kitchen

Apart from it, you can have a living area, dining area and kitchen, which will be located on one half of your house, and while the other the two bedrooms and the bathrooms already capture half of your house. You can have a big living area, where you can divide even divide the space into a drawing room, study room and others. While on the other portion, you can have the kitchen and the dining area. It is the best idea for your house, and you can have more sections depending upon the size of your house.

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