Handmade Dusting Spray Will Protect Your Health

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Many people prefer a natural and healthy form of dusting spray that we use when doing daily cleaning. Here is the construction of a natural dusting spray, which combines the power of lemon and acorn, which can be used to dust the house.

When you use commercial cleaning products, you can also get the lemon smell, but these are far from natural. These products contain short or long term damage due to their chemical content. It is always better to choose a natural and healthy form of dusting spray we use when doing daily cleaning. This natural spray, which you will do to get dust at home, takes its power from the vinegar to make it big. In addition, lemon and soda soap-olive oil soap is used for cleaning and disinfecting power. Lemon and orange oils are also used to disinfect and clean. You can also add sandalwood to compensate for the smell of citrus in it, it’s up to you.

Source: http://pinsandprocrastination.com/homemade-dusting-spray/