Making a cool triangle tote bag!

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 A triangle shapes tote bag is one of the most creative and inspirational bags that can be handmade at home. They are one of the most creative handworks that you can make on your winter afternoons when you feel really bored.

 Making a DIY triangle bag

 A DIY triangle bag is easy to make and it doesn’t take much time at all. You would first need to start with a rectangular fabric that it three times longer than width. You can use various kinds of fabrics as you prefer for your bag. Fold the fabric through the center and overlap all the edges and pin together. Make a tube like structure for the handles of the bag Fold the fabric into half and stitch along the edges of the fabric. Slip the tube into one handle and then pull the handle all the way using a big safety pin if required. Overlap the ends of the handle and then stitch them together. At last, adjust the tube so that it covers both the ends and stitch well. Your DIY triangle bag is ready.

This bag is a stylish bag that can be used while going to market as well as going to college.

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Origami Bento Bag Made in by maguiandmi

Origami Bento Bag Made in by maguiandmi / Source:

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