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A lot of people do a number of activities, when they have some free time. You can also utilize your free time for doing something good. Bring some kind of handwork is going to improve your skills related to craftsmanship, and it can also decorate your house.

If you are thinking of decorating your house with a piece of doll, which you can prepare from waste materials or items, which you have at home, it is a very good idea. You need some needles, a few meters of metallic wire, some cotton and black thread or wool, whichever you have.

The process

The process is quite easy, you have to bend the wires, which you have, into the shape of a human being, and that too with hands, legs and other organs. Now it is a time for you to use the cotton as flesh on the framework, which is prepared by using wires. You can keep some portion of the wires uncovered with cotton, as it will look good. Once you have done all the tasks, you have to use the black thread or black wool on the cotton part, and it will look like a person is wearing a white shirt with black checks on it.

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