Various types of woods and their uses

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Trees play an important role in our life. Starting from oxygen to providing shelter and giving food, trees play the role of a best friend to mankind in true sense of the term. The woods that we get from the trees have various uses as well.

The woods that we get from the trees are used to make furniture, home decors and serve many other purposes. There are various types of trees and so the woods differ in qualities, color and texture from each other. Various types of saws are used to cut down the woods and give them the desired shape. Here is a brief description about the various types of woods and different types of saws.

Various types’ woods

Woods can be soft or hard. Ipe, cumary, macassar ebony, gaboon ebony, blood wood, Brazilian cherry etc are some hardwood trees. On the other hand, bocode, Honduran rosewood, jarrah, canary wood, Santos mahogany, bubinge, tiger wood etc are the names of some soft wood trees. The different types of saws include docking saw, ripsaw, nail saw, handsaw, heavy duty pruning saw, drywall saw, compass saw, keyhole saw, pull saw, push saw, crosscut saw etc. It is an interesting fact to know that; there are hundreds of different varieties of woods. There are around one hundred and fifteen different types of pinewood only and new species of woods are still being discovered.  The woods are re shaped to make different types of things like multi tool holder pallets, tales, chairs, washbasins even.

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