175 Types of African Braid Hairstyles To Try Today

Types of African Braid Hairstyles To Try Today Braids are quite popular during the summer season. They come in so many styles, are often very easy to do, and look stunning visually. If you want to dress yourself up like a doll this summer season and kill it with your braids, do try some of the best ones we have enlisted here.

Havana Twists

If you really want to create a good impression and absolutely want to kill it this summer season, you have to try the very sexy and unique Havana twists. Not that simple to do but once you nail it, you are going to look like a princess for sure.  They are not just in fashion but quite a head-turner. Try it today!

Box Braids

A very popular style in African fashion is box braids. It is perfect for summer vacations and has been carried by celebrities like Beyonce in Poetic Justice. The style uses your straight hair to create long plaits. The term is called box because it looks like those box-shaped parts themselves which are used for creating that kind of style. The ends are sealed by simply burning the fake hair with some light.

Fish braids

For a nice and easy-going day, you must try fish braids. The hairstyle works best among those who have long and straight hair, you can give it some kind of edge by adding some waves and curls to it as well. Fish braids are quite easy to do as compared to milkmaid and lace braids and often come with a bohemian effect too. If you want a braid that can be done within less than five minutes and can still add more charm to your look, then do try fish braids. We promise you will love them.


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