Cornrow Hairstyles

280 Chic Cornrow Braid Hairstyles That You Need To Try

Cornrows – known as cancerous in the Caribbean – are one of the most popular styles for Afro hair. These raised braids are created by means of the underhand technique. Because they are intertwined too close to the scalp, the skin is often exposed. Considered a defensive pattern, you can leave your cornrows for weeks at a time if you take care of them properly and keep your scalp moisturized. Better yet, there’s no limit to the kind of looks that you can create with them. From sleek, sexy, and simple to colorful and crazy, it’s time to embrace cornrows and let your hair shine!

How to Braid Cornrows

It can be tricky to learn how to braid your hair, but this video is going to talk you through every part of it. Marie Antoinette’s beginner-friendly method gives you step – by – step instructions on how to create beautiful braids of your own. You can’t go wrong following her advice from cutting your hair to finger positioning, tension, and the braiding pattern itself. In no time will you be cornrowing like a pro!














































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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