31 Easy Decorating your house by yourself !

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1- Design your floor by simple process

Floor designing is the simplest work. To do this you have to use the latex premier, porch and floor paint to cover the floor, a painters tape for making the stripes in the floor. The trisodium phosphate, paint rollers with brushes is also is in use. All these with the orbital sander and sandpaper will be in requirement for designing the floors.

2-Mirror framed doors

In the present day many people decorate their closet doors by pitting in mirrors to them. / source

3-Cover the open shelves

Presently there are many designing curtains available and they will provide a cover to wire shelves. / source

4-Draping the curtains in a basket style

Use of basket style for curtains lends a touch of beauty. / source

5-Designing locks for curtains

Use the designing locks to tie up the curtains in the back side. This will be noticeable to everyone outside.

6-Do not expose the wires of the television

Numerous types of belongings present in the market help you in concealing the wires of the television. / via

7-Use props instead of curtains

Props are a more beautiful substitute for curtains / via

8-Use the decorative rings for curtaining the shower space

Decorative rings will make the area for taking shower more beautiful.

9-Mixing the color of the curtains

Colors of the curtains if matched in the right mix will definitely add a special dimension to the room while appearing pretty.

10-Place the mat in the right place

Place the rugs in the accurate place /via

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