31 Easy Decorating your house by yourself !

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11-Color the fridge

You can color the fridge or just tape it with the colorful and glorifying tapes  /via

12-Draw false windows

A great way of festooning the garage space is by painting ersatz windows on it.  /via

13-Border the television set

Border the television set so that it makes a statement of style  /via

14-Attach tuft on the bed skirts

The coloring tuft on the bed skirts will look very pretty /via via2

15-Place a stand beside the sink

Place a decorative stand beside the sink for keeping of all the necessary stuffs used for sink works  /via

16-Make a covering on the air cooler

Cover the air cooler and the space with the beautiful and decorative rubber mats  /via

17-Paint the air vents

To lend air vents a fresh look you must spray a coat of paint on it.

18-Cover the bed

Make hanging curtains to cover the bed where you take rest anytime.  /via  via2

19-Colorful ceilings

Ceilings are among the most beautiful parts of the room and it can be accented with beautiful walls.  /via

20-Cover the electrical switch

The electrical switch must be covered up by the beautiful switch covers.  /via

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