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Welcome to my blog, I am admin, a 25-year-old freelance blogger, who loves to write about home designs and DIY decoration. I try to find a number of decorating ideas from various places all over the Internet, and sometimes I try to use waste materials to decorate my house. Once I become successful in finding a new idea for decoration, I share it on my blogs such that my followers can find it and try it for decorating the house. I try to post blogs related to DIY decoration on a regular basis such that you can change the look of your house regularly.

Though I am a graduate in interior designing, it’s long ago, when I started decorating houses with DIY materials and waste materials. My parents first motivated me about decorating and designing. I am decorating my house for the last 10 years, and it is almost 7 to 8 years that I am sharing the ways through my blogs. You can find ways to decorate your interior, furniture and other items by taking assistance and tricks from my blog. Just subscribe to my blog, if you want to get regular updates about different ways to decorate your house.

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