Why blackboard is better than whiteboards ??

If you are a student and your teacher uses blackboards then you are lucky enough. Playing with chalks, drawing on the blackboard is actually an emotion which you will realize later after you have completed your school.

Most of the teachers now use whiteboards in schools and colleges to show power point presentations on it. Blackboards are less used nowadays. But those blackboards carry so much of emotions. Writing on blackboards, playing with chalks, especially colorful chalks is a great fun which is now diminishing day by day. Though the chalk powder spreads all over your body, gets into your lungs, still, it’s quite satisfying to use blackboards. The advancement of technology has really brought an end to all emotions.


The biggest advantage of using chalk, especially the thick kind used in university lectures and schools is that they are visible from the back of a large room even.  However, if you are in a field of computer architecture or logo design, then you may need to the whiteboard to represent your work through power point. But the fact is that power point presentation can sometimes be boring too. Hand-drawing style of lectures seems much interesting. Previously the children also practiced handwriting in small blackboards which were quite interesting. It improves handwriting and you can also learn the art of calligraphy. Blackboards are the best to learn about the art of calligraphy. Every child has always wished to write on the blackboard in their school life and even in their college life. Blackboards have a charm. It’s quite interesting and attractive for children especially. You won’t find pleasure using marker pens on whiteboards which you will find using colorful chalks on blackboards. School days without blackboards are really incomplete.

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