Box Braids: How to Make 48 Model Pictures and Inspirations!

If you are looking for a visual transformation, with empowerment and authenticity, box braids will conquer you!

They can be used during hair transition or just to change streaks creating different styles.

It is also very versatile, being able to be made in different colors, lengths and thicknesses. Just choose your favorite style and enjoy this kind of hair that is so symbolic and timeless.

Want to know more? So keep reading this post and find out all about box braids!

Box Braids Braids
Box braids are braids made from natural hair, with stretching that can be made from different materials.

They are already part of the daily life of most women looking for style and practicality, however, for some time now they have gained more notoriety, valuing and empowering their hair in a sophisticated, cool and fun way.

And they are also very beautiful for everyday and special occasions, and can be used in different lengths, thicknesses and colors that leave the hair with an original touch and possibilities for changes in the look.

However, as everything that is good and beautiful requires effort, a little patience is needed to conquer them, as they take a few hours to be ready, which can cause pain and discomfort in the first days after making them.

But after this initial process, you will definitely enjoy and have fun with these braids!

Learn more about box braids!

Caring for Box Braids
As previously emphasized, box braids are beautiful, full of personality, but require some care, so that they have durability without damaging the strands

Thus, when deciding to do the hairstyle, maintain a care routine in advance, which will leave the strands protected and strong, even with the extension of the braids.

And while your hair is braided, it is worth remembering that cleaning and sanitizing are essential, so follow the recommendations of:

Wash your hair with cold water at most twice a week, always using clear shampoos;
Avoid using conditioner or moisturizing masks, as they can make the braids slip more easily;
When washing, do not apply the shampoo directly, rather a lather and gently massage the scalp and length;
With the aid of a cotton, apply apple cider vinegar on the scalp, massaging with circular movements, in order to avoid the accumulation of residues and oiliness; and
After washing, always dry with a cold dryer or keep drying in the sun or wind to remove any accumulated moisture.
With this care, the braids will have greater durability and beauty, in addition to leaving you more motivated and with high self-esteem.


After all these inspirations, what do you think of making box braids to enhance and transform the look?

Enjoy and see inspirations from hairstyles with braids, which will help to compose your look with more creativity and elegance.

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