Braided Wigs Styles: How to Care and Maintain Braided Wigs

Have you ever thought about how to maintain braided hair? These are the best tips and tricks to keep your braided wigs in good condition.

Braided wigs are braids that have been made into a wig. It needs to be treated with tender love and care, just like any other hairstyle.


We have many braided wig maintenance suggestions to share. When we say “no more bad hair days”, we mean it. These are our top tips for braided wig care.

Your braided hair should be allowed to rest.

Give your braided hair a break. Braided hair should not be worn more than once a week, for 30 days a month, or for 365 days each year. You should only wear them once in a while. You can damage your hair if you wear wigs every day.

It’s important to have a break from braided hair every once in a while. It would look worn out if you wore it every day.


Never sleep with a braided hairstyle.

This is a key rule for caring for braided hair. Take it off once you’re done. You are devaluing the quality of your braided hair by sleeping with it on. This is a short description of my point. This wig can be worn all day. It is subject to heat and dust. It’s important to remove it at the end of each day.

Get your braided wig washed

Your wig shouldn’t smell bad at all. You wouldn’t want your wig to smell bad. Because we all wear wigs in different ways, the washing time cannot be determined.

When washing the cap, pay attention to the cap because this is the area that collects the most dirt. Do not wash the tips. DON’T WASH YOUR BRAIDED WIGS AS IF THEY WERE CLOTHES. It is best to just RUB it.

Conditioners are not necessary for weapons. Braided wigs, except for the closure made from the weave, are made of synthetic materials. Don’t throw away your conditioner.


Natural air is better than heat

Avoid using heat to wash braided hair. Dry wet wigs in a natural way. The wig’s lifespan is reduced if it is subject to heat. Hot water can be used on the tips once in a while, about once a year. It shrinks the hair. It is best to avoid hot water.


Don’t wear tight styles

It is well-known that braided hairstyles are a great option. This gives off a stylish and trendy look. You should avoid wearing tight styles. You should not stress the roots of the wig as this could lead to braids falling out or a style malfunction where your natural hair might fall out.

Here are some tips for maintaining braided hair

  • After washing, trim the braided hair.
  • To avoid any damage, use a wide-toothed comb to straighten your wig.
  • It doesn’t matter what type of shampoo you use. Use one that smells good.
  • When not in use, always place your wigs vertically.
  • You must wear a satin scarf or cap if you need to cover your head. Braids can look rougher if you use other fabrics.

I hope you have learned some tips and tricks about maintaining braided hair. What did we miss? Care for braided hair wigs. How do you care for braided wigs?

Please share your tried hacks below. It might help someone else.


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