Design Ideas for making kitchen living space combos a great place

For those who have separate kitchens functionality has never been an issue. However what’s the way of handling joint living space and open-floor designs? What’s the way of making a kitchen purposeful and good-looking? The perfect execution of Open kitchen and living space blend is indispensable for making them indistinguishable to people. However, the question’s how to go about it. Below are some ideas.

Concentrate on constancy

A combo of kitchen and living space must be monochromic without any apparent division on walls, or an apparent distinction in shades and colors. Just as the colors, the materials ought to correspond. You must follow this rule when purchasing items.

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Image source: Meritage Homes

It can be tough to make a floor choice that fits kitchens and living spaces. If you’re not left with any option other than picking two, ensure that their textures and tones are similar.

Image source: Christine Kelly / Crafted Architecture

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