How To Draw Feather Templates And Use Them On The Designs

In this article I will tell you how to draw a feather template and using it on your designs. But, before it I want to tell you the history of the feather and the meaning of it. Bird feathers have an important place especially in ancient Egypt, Maya, Inca, American Indians and Asian shamanism traditions. Many traditions share many meanings with the feather, bird symbol used for gods, kings and heroes, and are often regarded as symbols of ascension, since truth, divine justice, lightness and chivalry.

The traditions that give importance to the feather are the shamanism (Asian and American shamanism) and the ancient Egyptian traditions, although their traditions are most important, as they have been encountered in Africa and Oceania, as well as in several other traditions. Many traitions believe that feather is the symbol of the light. So it is one of the most important parts of the life.

A feather is not just a part of the bird. It has many symbols. So when you are using it on your designs, you have to know the symbol what it gives to your design. Feather is a part of a bird. But it’s not at all. What is a bird? It is an animal which is flying in the skies, where the people cannot reach themselfs. It is the symbol of freedom, going where you want, or being the king of the skies, like the simurg.

Designers often use it on the earrings, wristbands, crowns or hair clips. It’s like it fits with hair and face parts. You can get the real feathers and make your own design. Maybe I will give some advices on another articles. Now I will talk about drawing it’s feather. Don’t worry. It’s not a hard thing even if you’re a starter drawer. Just you have to follow the instructions step by step.

You can design your notebooks with them, decorate your furnitures, your photo frames, or design a picture by making a frame and fulling it with the colorful feathers. It will be a good painting for your sitting room. You can draw the template, then apply it to the laces and make lace gloves by using this template. Or, you can draw many feathers, fix them to the baloons and make a feather concepted birthday party to somebody you love. Try these designs and share them with us.

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