The easiest way to prepare bath bomb

A bathroom might seem to be a small part of your house, but everybody looks for a clean and beautiful bathroom or washroom. If you are planning to make a beautiful bathroom or washroom, you can design your own mermaid bathroom or washroom. The process is quite easy, but you should be dedicated enough.

If you want to decorate your own bathroom with bath bombs, you can easily do that, and the requirements are quite simple. What you need is some baking soda, Epsom salt, citric acid, cornstarch, and stir them in a proper manner, and you should take three small bowls, where you will have to put essential oil, which should be of one and a half tablespoon in each small bowl. After that you will have to apply some lilac soap die, which should be of the color, which you want. Blue is the most preferable color, and you can use the blue one. Though you have the liberty to use other colors, as well. You can also apply mint soap dye or even peach soap die, and the colors will be blue, green and red respectively. You will have to mix them properly, such that you get a proper color from it.

Preparing it

Now you have to pour those colors into the mixture, which you are prepared earlier, and you will get a color tone of the desired color tone, in each of the mixtures. You have to mix them properly, before you can get the proper color tone in each of the mixtures. Now take a ball, which can be opened from the middle. Pour mixtures from all the bowls within it, and close it again. After that, you will have to refrigerate it for one hour, before you can use it in your bathroom. Thus, it is quite easy for you to prepare bath bomb.

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