Easy paper designs and crafts

Using different kinds of papers and different coloured papers can create various paper designs. The coloured papers can be cut into shapes and structures. The designs after they are created can be used for various purposes.

Various kinds of paper designs

You can create your own paper design and stick it over a gift-wrap or a card that you are going to present to your loved ones.

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You can make a design of a flower and stick it on a card. You can also stick the design over a gift-wrap. Various kinds of paper can be used for the process. You can use a tissue paper for making the flower.

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You can color the paper of you r own choice. Pink roses can be easily made and glued over the gift or the card. Purple coloured flowers can be made for the purpose. The selection of the paper and the color of the paper play a very interesting part. The color should be chosen such that it soothes the eyes. You can also stick flowers all together and make a flower ball by sticking them all together. You can also make a lotus by following some easy steps. Using a brown coloured paper in the middle can make a beautiful sunflower of yellow coloured. You can also layer the flowers. You can cut the paper in the shape of hearts, join them and make a flower out of it. You can use various colors to create the flowers of your own choice.

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