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Empty bottle, glass & jar crafts

You need not throw the empty bottles lying at you home now. You can re-use those bottles easily by using your creative talent.
You if wishes to decorate you home using old scraps then you just need few bottles, gum, a few decorative balls or candies and nothing’s more. All of the mentioned items are easily available and cheap too.  Surprise your family with a candlelight dinner.

If you can cook the dinner for your family then you can also make the candle light decoration by your own which will definitely look more pleasing and your family or guests will just love it.

Take few bottles and brush glue to its body then simply sparkle glitters on it. Once it’s dry, place a candle on it and it’s done.  You can also re-use old wine glasses which you no longer use. You can also use wine glasses or candy jars for making a candle stand for your perfect candle light dinner. You can even make a flower vase just by spraying colors on it.

Good aspects

You can always buy a candle stand or a flower vase from any store but making it by your own for your home decor is something which can make your loved one feel happy. Handmade things are always the best. It gives your home a lively look.

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