Every Color Has Its Own Meaning. Be Sure to Consider This in Your Designs and Catch the Perfection

Do you know that we need about 90 seconds to get a clear idea of ​​the designs we are encountering in daily life and a product, its value, its reliability and its importance? And did you know that the color of this product makes up 60% to 90% of our opinion?

These observations reveal the importance of colors in our individual and collective perceptions. Color is the best assimilate and component easily remembered by one, and therefore it must have a very important place in our designs.

In a professional context, there are more reasons not to choose the colors of your designs based solely on personal liking. It will be wise to consider your friends’ opinions regarding the color options that will represent your product.

To help you with your thinking, we will give you an overview of the 12 main colors commonly used in designs;


Blue creative color. The values ​​evoked by this color tone can, unfortunately, have a cold effect if the visual surroundings dominate too, with freedom, fullness and harmony.


Red, color is perfection. It evokes power, warmth, dynamism and energy. In the business world, it corresponds to prosperity and vitality. The aphrodisiac color is not only perfection, but it catches the eye!


Here is the balanced color that softens the habits of urban areas. Green gives peace, but the evening loses its effect at sunset. For designers, green means peaceful.


A hot-toned color that will make it easier to concentrate on any topic. And since yellow can easily mix in your multi-toned designs, it will be of use to you.


It is a trusting color that emphasizes attention without diminishing the digestive disturbances as well as stimulating the heart and appetite. At the same time the color of communication.


The rose symbolizes gentleness, sensitivity and optimism. Roses are strongly recommended for struggling with stress and soothing. Moreover, it is often used in prisons and organizations working in the health sector.


It is the favorite color for insomniacs, because it gives the most exciting minds the gift of calming. If you prefer to use it in more serious decorations, you can increase the durability of the environment.


This color, centered between blue and green, is home to many audiences; hope, youth and life. Neither hot nor cold, it represents equilibrium at the same time.


Brown is the color that represents nature as the most invariable. It perfectly combines traditionalism and authenticity.


With white, black is a very stylish color. It is worn by those who are as passionate as the artists, blends beautifully with red, and is often associated with luxury and prosperity.


Despite many tones, gray represents mostly fine grained. At the same time it is a symbol of neutrality. The thing you need to be aware of is that it will not attract attention because it is not this color personality. Combination with different colors is easy.


We like to associate our naïve with the purity of the white. One of the two people accepts this color as space and death. It is also associated with luxury black, but it has the power to magnify and reflect.

As you can see, it is important that you carefully choose the colors you can use in your designs. Ideally, it should be perfectly adapted to the areas of use of your designs.

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