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If you like making different home decor items instead of baying those from the stores, then you may try out making fabric quilts. Hand-made fabric quilts looks really beautiful.

You are creative enough, and then you may try out making fabric quilts. Even if you don’t have any idea regarding this you can take a few online tutorials. It is very easy to make and it looks too good. You can try out various designs of your own choice like various fabric prints. Even you can use various vegetables dies to give it a vegetable print. Vegetable print looks very beautiful. You can easily get vegetable print from a number of places, and thus, the easy availability of such vegetable oil is actually great, and is quite cheap, as well.

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You can use you own made fabric quilts as home decor item in various styles such as you can fix it on the top of your bed. This will give your bed a classy look. You can even fix it on any wall of your drawing room. This makes your room look more bright and beautiful. You can even sleep on it or can make a sleeping pillow for your pet. Even you can make pillows with colourful patterns for you own bed or sofa. You can even make mats or rugs for floor. It feels really cozy especially during the winter. You just need to take a few online tutorials if you wish to know more about it. Read the tutorials to get the best designs.

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Source: etsy.com

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Source: fabriccafe.com

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