Hand sketched designs

Hand sketched designs always look beautiful. You can make them in any patterns, using different colorful sketch pens or pencils or marker pens. Making hand sketched designs is a wonderful way to pass your free time. You can make something creative by hand sketching these designs.

If you are sitting idle at your home and wondering how to channelize your energy and time in a creative way, then making hand sketched designs can be one of your best picks. There is no certain rule to make such designs. Just feel free, open up your mind and make patterns on a piece of paper according to your wish. The only thing you need in this project is your creativity and imaginations. Here is a brief guideline about some patterns, which might help you in your art

Various ways of making art patterns

You can make patterns in the forms of ribbons with colorful or black sketch pens. Make patterns of various sizes. You can also make love patterns and sketch leaves on the borders. You can make patterns of flowers and leaves. Geometric patterns will also look pretty. You can make the geometric patterns in the form of ribbons.

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