Hidden cabinets in existing furniture

We use wooden furniture for various purposes. In every household wooden sofa, chairs, tables, wardrobes are found. This furniture can also be used as hidden chambers to store important belongings, which you do not want the outsiders to notice.

Keeping important belongings like guns, pistols, jewelries, money etc in open is totally a foolish act to do. You would definitely wish to hide them from the view of common people. If you are carrying such valuables and wish to hide them in order to be safe and secure, then you need not to worry and wonder where to put them. You can use your furniture to their disguise. All you need to do is, to contact you carpenter and ask him to make some hidden chambers for your valuables.

Ways of hiding your valuables

You can use the headboard of your foldaway table to store your watches, bracelets or ornaments etc. you can make wooden chests and make secret cabinets in it to store your valuables. You can also use the nightstand table beside your bed to hide your valuables by making a chamber on top of it and covering it with a sliding headboard. You can also make secret cabinets in your wardrobes to hide your guns.


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