Home decorations with pinecones

Creative people are always in search of new decorative items for decorating their houses. Pinecones can be extremely useful in making some beautiful DIYs that would give your home a classy and unique look.

Pinecones are easily available in the market; you can also order them online. If you are willing to make something pretty and creative to decorate your room, or make presents on special occasions for your loved ones, then you can go for the pine cones DIYs this time. You will get a number tutorials online, to teach you how to make them at ease. You can also take help of the brief guideline given below to get an idea about your craft.

DIYS with pinecones

You can make pinecone wreaths to hang them on the main door of your house. All you need to do is, to take a few pine cones together, put them together in a circular ring shape or in any shape of your choice, fix them with wire to hold the cones together for a longer period of time. Yo can also paint your cones with bright colors.

You can also make bird nest wreaths and many other show pieces.


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