How To Clean Easily Roller Blinds And Shades

The first important point is that it is washed on a flat ground. This is the best place for this. No corner of the roller blind that you put on the tiles of the bathroom needs to be twisted.
Dish soap may be damaged due to excessive irritating properties. For this reason, non-irritating shampoo or liquid hand soap should be preferred. Salt spirit, lime remover and similar substances should never be used. Wiping with ozone damages finish finish.
Making a hard sponge or brush option causes apnea irritation during rubbing. For this reason, the best choice is a soft sponge. Can be used in soft pile brushes.
First, collect the curtains on the top drum where the roller blades are gathered. Do not remove the roller blinds together with the wall mounted part. Just rip off the curtain along with the tube. This is more practical.


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