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Innovative DIYs with quilt

Quilts are immensely helpful in wrapping your body in bed. In almost every household, you can find quilts. These used and torn quilts can be used to make interesting and beautiful handicrafts to decorate your house. You can also make beautiful presents with these quilts for your loved ones.

If you are interested to make something innovative on special occasions like Christmas or birthdays or just decorating your room with something different, then quilt DIYs can be your right pick. If you are wondering, how to make these beautiful DIYs, then you can always follow the online quilt DIY tutorials that would help you in your work. A few suggestions are given below that might be helpful to you.

Various ways to re shape your quilts

You can make Christmas trees by cutting a green quilt in triangular shapes, sew them together and decorate them with stars and beads. You can also take your ordinary pillows and decorate them by cutting the quilt into desired patterns and sewing them together with the pillow cover. You can also make patchwork teahouse and tea towels with your quilts.

You can also make beautiful table covers of various shapes using different quilts.



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