A kitchen peninsula is a great addition to an open kitchen and dining combo

There is a couple of dining room concepts, namely, closed and open, and they result in markedly unlike floor plans. Residences built from 1920 to 1970 were normally built with a conventional, detached dining space besides a petite kitchen. The Newer residences frequently feature a contemporary, open floor design with the living space, kitchen and dining space sharing a single roomy area. You must compare the variations between the couple of layouts for determining the layout that suits your way of life, dining requirements and individual preference more.

This page focuses on a number of kitchen peninsulas as gateways to the dining space.

Among them is a Kitchen peninsula into the dining space through an arch. A single look at the picture reveals that the bar counter top’s overall depth is such that the knee space’s just about beneath the trim with approximately a projection above the counter above the trim.

The bar seating’s built in appearance and also the “completed” appearance of drywall at the side concealing the floor cabinets’ side i\are also great.

Another example on the page is the Peninsula having framed opening. This is a great example of a Traditional Kitchen featuring plane panel cabinets and Pendant Light.

You can make this space better by substituting the normal wall by the elevated counter substituted with a brick column and substituting the black counter with a light grayish colored counter.

There’re many other instances of kitchen peninsulas in open kitchen and dining combos here. Browse and you can get a look for your home.

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