Lighting up new hopes with homemade candles

Candles are extremely useful to in lighting up your room, to eradicate darkness. It is used a symbol of hope as well. These candles can be used to make wonderful home decorations. Scented candles can also be made using essential oils to fill up your room with fragrance while the candle burns.

If you are interested to make some beautiful candles right at your home, then you can get started with the candles. All you need is left over candles readily available in your home, or wax flakes, some essential oils for your desired fragrance, liquid color, containers, candlewicks and glue dots. The candles are very easy to make. Here is a brief guideline that might help you in your process of making some beautiful candles.

Process of making candles

You can take a vintage cup, fill it up with SOY wax flakes, priory melted and mixed with essential oils for fresh fragrance like lavender or lemon or any fruity smell of your choice, put the candle wicks in the middle of the container, let the wax take a solid form and your vintage soy candle is ready. You can also make peppermint candles.

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