Make bracelets with your own imagination

A bracelet is a must in a woman’s jewelry box. If you are bored of wearing the regular bracelets that are available in the market and want to try something new, then you can make some bracelets in your home in some easy ways.

You can make your own bracelets using the old stuff already available in your home such as strings; old used zips, beads, and bangles. Making such bracelets can be your favorite time pass. You can make them for yourself as well as gift them to your friends or relatives. If you are wondering how to make such pretty, cool bracelets, then online bracelet making tutorials can put are always there to put an end to your worry. So collect all you’re used, left away stuff and make something beautiful to enhance the beauty of your wrist.

Working out with the process

You can cut your old, torn leather jacket or gloves, make thin strands of it and make beautiful bracelets by tying knots and decorate them with colorful beads. You can also make wiggly wire bracelets by taking sterling silver, copper or antique wires and with the bead of your choice. They can look really cool on your wrist. For young women, beautiful butterfly wire wrapped jewelry bracelets would look elegant, as butterflies are the symbol of change, resurrection, and young love. You can also make some cool zipper bracelets or punk stud cuffs with the help of some used zips, some glue, and beads readily available at your home. You can also make beautiful string bracelets weaving them around your used bangles and decorate them with jewelry stones. You can also make some wonderful beaded macramé jewelry bracelets for your wrists. If you are new to making them, you are advised to follow the online tutorials. It will definitely help you to make the best bracelets.

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