Make a hat hairclip from bottle cap

We should always try to make new and interesting items from the materials that we don’t need. Re using the materials for something good is really very nice job. We can use several materials.

How to make a hat hairclip

A bottle cap can be used easily to create a hat hairclip. The hat hairclip made is great for the little cute girls. Firstly we need to collect the materials that we are going to need. We will need a cardboard, scissors; paint, glue, ribbon, lace, and other fancy materials. The base of the hat will be of the cardboard. You can cover the cap with any material to make a better texture. The base is to be cut in the form o a circle. Over the cardboard base, then the bottle cap is to be placed and attached with glue.

Glue both the parts nicely. After both the parts are pasted together you have to color it. You can then cover the joining part of the base and the bottle cap with the help o a ribbon. You can then add a lace to the hat made so that it looks pretty. After that a bobby pin is attached at the base nicely. It will be a very fancy and trendy hairclip for baby girls.


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