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Make your own home decor with glass bottles

It’s really fun to make home decor using glass bottles which you no longer use. You just need a few creative ideas.

You can easily make handicrafts or home decor items using glass bottles. You can make simple paintings on the bottle using fabric colors. Its looks really colourful and pretty you just need a few online tutorials to learn about it in details. You can use it as lampshades, flower vase, or for any other decorative purpose.

Painting on glass really looks beautiful. You can even fix electric wires with these bottles so that it reflects ambient lights. Your kids can even do these glass art as it is a very interesting point to do and your kids will love to try something new.


As it is a beautiful and much wanted handicraft you can even sell it online at different marketing sites. These items are really attractive and people would love to buy these as home decor items. Online marketing is much known to people now. Hence you can easily expand your business once you get a good hold over it.


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