Make you old cloth new and interesting

You might feel bore using your old cloth each and every day. You can easily make it new and interesting using a little creativity

It’s time to make your old dress new and interesting, just by applying a few creative steps. If there are many old sweaters laying in your wardrobe which you no longer use, try out something new with those sweaters. You can easily cut out those old sweaters to make a new bag or a small pouch. Even you can change it to a new sweater just by giving it a creative cut. Not only this if your old dress or pant looks really dull now you can also make it look good by stitching to it colourful laces or printed clothes.


Using old clothes or scrap materials for making new dresses or cloths can be good way to re-cycle old items. It also looks interesting too. Even you can any dress of your choice, which you have always wished to wear. Moreover your own hand-made dress or bag or any other item will look much more unique than which you buy from the stores. When your kids grow up you often put their old cloths in the bin. But you can really use them for your own purpose also. You just need to give it few creative cuts and that’s all. Suppose your kids sweater if not fitting him/her her anymore, you can easily cut it out to make a new hat for your kid or for you even. Besides knowing few creative cutting styles you also should have enough knowledge about stitching it. Even if you don’t know how to stitch, there’s nothing to worry about, as you can take free stitching lessons from the Internet. All the best for your first try!

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