Making a handbag easily at home

There are many ways; you can make your own bag at your home. You can use it for yourself, or you can also use it as a gift. The requirements are quite less, and depending upon the kind of cloth, which you use, it can be used for a long time.

For making a DIY handbag, you don’t need a lot of items. The requirements are, some cloth, which depend upon the size of the bag, which you want. Some string, which can be used, if you want to carry it with your hand, or you can also use it as a vanity bag.

Preparing it

You have to cut the piece of cloth, which you have, into a square of length 54 cm. If you want a smaller bag, the length can be less, and if you want to bigger one, you can increase the length, depending upon your requirements. You will have to cut two squares of length 16 cm, from the down portion of the square. Now you will have to stitch it with the aid of thread and needle, and use the string on the top portion of the bag, such that you can easily carry it. There are a number of other bags, which you can easily make from cloths.

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