Making a rose embroidered flower

The rose embroidered stitch is super easy to master. These flowers can be added to your embroidery work, handicraft work as well as various other art works. Read on to know how to make these great handmade rose flowers.

The ways to make an embroidered rose 

Take some bit of embroidery floss, some hooped fabric and a water soluble pen. A curved needle will help you as well. Draw a circle on the fabric and draw a dot in the center. Make as many segments as you want and then bring the needle up through the center of the flower as you can. Now you can start stitching either loosely or tightly. If you pull the string tightly, you would end up with a fluffier and better looking 3D flower. These flowers can also be a little messy as it is difficult to avoid snags. This, however, uses more floss. If you stop pulling as fast as possible, you would have a neater flower. Embroider with a length of floss. Angling the needle, bring the floss to the front from under the edge of the flower. Fill the edges with long stitches until all the edges are covered and it looks nice and full.

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