It Might Be a Good Day to Evaluate Your Fabrics That You Do Not Use Anymore

We may all be unhappy that the fabrics in our home become useless for their old age. However, the idea of ​​reassembling them by cutting them into hexagonal molds before throwing them is quite popular recently. And the products that are emerging are so original that my friends are wondering where I got these products. I want to share this secret with you before sharing it with them.

In fact, six hexagonal geometric shapes are assembled from the tips of six equilateral triangles. For this reason, they are so popular about being preferred to pentagonal or seven-cornered. Patchwork is so well matched for their work that the most preferred geometric shapes are very normal. If you still have doubts about the perfection of the hexagon, examine the honeycombs in the beehives. Within the laws of nature, the hexagon is a great asset. Perhaps you think a square shaped fabric is more appropriate than a hexagonal shape. Yes, I do not object, the square can come together easier than the hex, but there is a problem here! Once squares lose their alignment, they become increasingly irregular. It is almost impossible to arrange the squares on a single line. However, even if the hexagons break down, they do not become increasingly irregular because they protect their sides.

At the same time you can extend the life of these hexagons by covering the defects of your fabric with imperfections. However, we will combine more in our writing on the creation of a new product.

First of all, using molds to cut hexagonal shape will save you from a difficult process. You should get one hexagon cardboard of sufficient size. You can then cut many hexagons using these hexagons as molds. One important thing to note here is that the fabrics removed from the hexagonal molds will then be reduced in size by 1/4 of their size during the bending of the edges to the bottom and the smoothing of the edges. For this reason, make sure your molds are large enough.

If you cut as much hexagonal fabric as you need, and you bend the edges and sew your stitches, you can now combine these hexagons as you wish to make handmade cloths, quilts or authentic looking rugs that you can lay on the floor of your home.

You do not have to use all of these hexagons in one go. Later, you can also make your own collection in a box to use it as needed.

One of the things you should be aware of during the preparation phase is if you are preparing hexagons to accumulate in your collection box without using it for a long time and it is important to iron at high temperatures if these fabrics have a cotton fabric feature because it is necessary to prevent them from swelling at the seams when not used for a long time. For stitching, a needle of a size appropriate to the fabric in your hand is suitable.



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