Recycling and reusing egg cartons

The egg carton is a common household waste which is made up of Styrofoam or recycled paper but the later one is more environmentally friendly as Styrofoam is difficult to recycle. An egg carton can look really interesting once recycled and used in a different way.

Egg cartons can be used in many different ways instead of throwing it into the bin thinking it to be a scrap material. You may enquire your local primary or pre-school if they need any egg carton for craft projects. Even you can make some interesting handicrafts for your kid with the egg carton and teach them how to re-use a scrap material. Nowadays not only adults but also kids get involved in electronic gadgets and are severely addicted to them in such a way that they miss out these small pleasures of life. Let the creative side of your child speak. Egg cartons can be used for making many fun toys which your child would really love. Buying toys from any store and making your own toy really makes a great difference. Making toys using egg carton won’t take a long time. It’s really easy and interesting.

You can simply cut out the upper portions of the egg cartons, paint it with different colors and attach paper made wings or legs to it in order to give it the shape of any insect such as a bee or a bug. Not only this you can also make a pretty caterpillar using this carton. Simply upside- down the carton and paint it with bright colors then draw eyes on it and add color paper wrapped strings on its head to give it a perfect look.

It will look really amazing and your kid will definitely love it. Not only just these toys, you can also try out other toys as well like turtle, frog, crab and much more. Teaching your kids about recycling or using any scrap materials to make new products is a good habit. Nowadays many schools teach their students to reuse scrap materials in a new way and thus make them aware of nature’s limited resources.

Other uses of egg cartons

The plastic egg cartons can also be used as a seedling starter or trays for storing ice. It’s handy enough for keeping it small items like nuts, bolts, screws. It can be also used as package material when shipping goods. You can also use it for decorative purpose after painting it with bright colors. There are many modern DIY enthusiasts who wish to decorate their homes with hand-made products. You can paint the egg carton and make beautiful flowers for decorative purpose. Even you can make lamp shades, beautiful toys or you can use it for keeping small stuff while traveling.

Recycling is always an easy and healthy way to protect our environment and ensure the well-being of the generations to come. However, it depends on the seriousness of the community or the society in this regard. Natures resource are limited whereas human wants are unlimited hence the knowledge about recycling scrap materials or re-using it in an interesting way should be known to all.

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