How to Take In The Sides Of Your Dress – Learning Some New Basic Alterations Will Change Your Style

We pass different times in our life. Sometimes we get more weight, sometimes we lose them. And while living things such as them, our clothes come tight or plenty to us. We buy some clothes, and sometimes we don’t wear them even two times and they stay at our gardrobes without wearing them.

We don’t want to throw them away and our gardrobe becomes like the gradrobes in the horror films. So, I searched about what can we do about these and found some ideas that I want to share with you.

First one is  like this. Firstly get a dress that you don’t use. First of all cut a little wider than the narrowness you want from the side. Because you have to make fine cuts and calculate the distance you would knot. Then make cuts about 2-3 cm deep from the side. Once this is done, the node throwing chapters begins.

Maket his node throwing till the end. Turn your dress or top on the right sie. Maybe there can be some pot formatin, but don’t worry. Turn again it and look where you have done the mistake.

Second one… If there is a T-shirt of your boyfriend that you love, cut the sides of the T-shirt, make cuts on the sides of the T-shirt. Then start to make them loop, but be careful to do all of them the same. If you don’t do the same, there will appear some pots on the T-shirt and doing it from the beginning is so boring. Even at the first time is boring to do all of them, but when you wear the T-shirt that you lov, you will forget all the boring times.

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