The magic of Thermomix

The most highly developed kitchen electrical device available, Thermomix brings together the roles of 12 electrical devices in a single compact piece. If you haven’t used Thermomix before experience it now to witness the way this device can provide your kitchen with a new dimension.

The device saves a great deal of your precious time and effort. It also unlocks your complete culinary possibility. By using the device you can discover the diverse ways of food preparation. Using this device you are able to generate recipes from ground up. Basics that include mayonnaise, tomato sauce, and butter are able to be made sans the additives present in the several commercial brand names.

With the device you can also cook comprehensive meals in a little bit of the usual time taken for making them.

This page has several Thermomix recipes and we’ll throw light on a few of them.


Among the fraises on the page is the strawberry mousse that is a light dessert that can be made super fast using thermomix. This isn’t filling and you’ll feel incredibly light and airy after having it.

Another fraise given here is the wonderful dessert that’s made up of meringues & a cream chantilly / even with a layer of ganache on top.


A cake on this page that is worth mentioning is the Magic cake. The ingredients for making it are lemon, 4 eggs, 110 g of butter, 120 g of flour, 150 g of sugar, a single lemon bio zest, 480 ml of milk & 3 juice oven cases.

The uniqueness of cake is that it permits 3 diverse textures in a solo piece of cake and the cake’s delicious.

Among the other cakes given here is the Wonderful chocolate & praline, the Thermomix genoise, and more.

Browse the page and you’ll find several cakes and fraises that are yummy and are easy to make.







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