These 38 Short Fulani Braids With Beads Are Giving Us Life in 2021

It’s about to go down! These short braided beaded hairstyles are just what you need!
The Fulani Braids style, also known as beaded cornrows, has been a thing for a while now.
Yet we’re completely in love with these short braids. Like that.

Guys, guy.

You’ve got to see that for yourself. Bob Braids has always been a great alternative to long braids. I’m sure we’ve all trimmed our box braids in a shorter style to give them longevity. These beaded short / bob braids are a perfect style of defense, soft on your scalp and sides, and easy to keep with a regular spritz. Let’s go now!

This braided bob has been doing all the looks! If you enjoy a little paint, don’t hesitate to end up with colorful beads. This look is super elegant, but at the same time playful. We’re here because of it!