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Wooden art and craft

You can try this wooden art and craft, as it looks really trendy and offbeat. You just need few online tutorials to have a clear conception.

If you have a wooden plank left out at your home, you may try this wooden art and craft with the wooden plank. You can make various home decors using wooden planks. You can simply stick your childhood photos on the wooden plank in a collage form. Even you can stick photos of birds and animals for kids. Kids are always taught in an interesting way so that they can remember. Even you can paint various things using fabric color.

Home decor

You can even use the wooden plank as home decor. You can decorate the wooden plank and simply set is on the top of your bed of your sofa. You can stick various photos in the wooden planks and you can even draw pictures. You can even make photo collage and wall hangings for your room’s wall. It can also be used to frame different pictures.

You can also write simple quotes on the wooden plank and just hang it. It also looks pretty creative. Kids are also taught to read and learn by the images drawn on the wooden plank at school. You can also use it for cloths hanging purpose.


Source: etsy.com

Source: etsy.com

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Source: etsy.com

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Source: etsy.com

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