Woolen shoes to cover the soft feet of your baby

Woolen shoes can be the best for covering your baby’s feet. Up to a certain age, mainly four to five years, the baby’s feet bone remains soft and fast growing. So it is best to make your baby wear woolen shoes instead of shoes with hard soles.

Instead of purchasing shoes for your baby from the stores, you can make some soft woolen shoes and socks right in your home. However, baby woolen shoes and socks are even available in the online clothing and accessories shops. But knitting them with your own hands for your baby gives you the best feeling of motherhood. If you do not know the procedure to make such shoes and socks, then there is no need to worry about it. Online shoe knitting tutorials are always there to help you. So, if you have become a mother recently or going to be one soon or planning to gift something to a baby with a touch of love and unique in style, then woolen shoes can be your best pick in this matter.

Doing it

All you need to do is, to knit the shoes in accordance with the size of the baby’s feet and then make some beautiful designs on it. If you are making shoes for a baby girl, you can choose woolen threads with vibrant colors like pink, red, yellow etc and make beautiful patterns on it using threads of contrasting color. For example, you can make a white shoe and make red flower patterns on it. You can also knit a shoe using pink threads and then make yellow or red flower patterns in it. However, a multi-colored shoe would also look bright on your baby girl’s feet. For your baby boy, you can select a combination of white, gray, black and other bold colors and make patterns of cartoons on them.

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